Grand Library of Games

My collection of titles were games I created, helped develop, or have works included in. Tasks I was to do for these games included general programming, systems programming, and user-interface.


Armtastic 🔗

🥊 Launch your trusty ball at objects and players to gain credits and dominate the scoreboard! 💰


Lead project manager and programmer. I was tasked with managing Armtastic and programming the UI seen in the game, utilizing Roblox-TS to write React-like code.


  • Learned and programmed UI in TypeScript
  • All user-interface works on all platforms
  • Withstand upto 50 player servers with battle-tested code


Captive 🔗

Hack the computers 🖥️ , Escape the beast 🐺, Unlock the exits 🔐, and escape Captivity!


Co-owner & lead programmer. My job was to program all of Captive, which included custom physics, seamless interface, and a custom movement system.


  • Breakout game, 30m+ plays
  • Heavily polished systems and gameplay
  • Interface that works on all platforms

Case Rush

Case Rush 🔗

An intense case clicker with a goal to gain as much cash and networth as you can!


Co-owner & lead programmer. My job was primarily focused on the interface aspect of the game, creating a unique primarily interface game.


  • First attempt at creating polished UI
  • Created under 3 weeks as a side project
  • Learned how to design strong monetization patterns

Spellcaster Simulator

Spellcaster Simulator 🔗

A mystical simulator with dozens of spells to cast & gain crowns. Take on quests or battle other players!


Owner & lead programmer. Spellcaster was the first project I took a real initiative with, and my first proper game. This game landed me a job on Captive.


  • Designed intricate systems such as quests
  • Learned common Roblox UI designs
  • Learning experience to design a Roblox game